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Active Directory & Exchange Migration Consulting

With over 1M successful migrations under our belt, Dalco leverages a proven methodology to every project we work on. Depending on the specifics of your migration, we will recommend one of two migration tool sets; either Migration Manager by Dell Software (Formerly Quest Migration Manager QMM) and/or MigrationWiz by BitTitan.

DELL Software
Formerly known as Quest Migration Manager, Migration Manager by Dell Software offers both Active Directory and Exchange migration options. For larger projects that are staying with on premises Exchange, Migration Manager is usually our recommendation as it allows your organization to achieve true coexistence between migrated and unmigrated users while merging or restructuring two organizations.

Migration Manager for Active Directory not only empowers you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory, it also ensures that migrated and unmigrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved.

Migration Manager for Exchange mitigates the risk of migrating, consolidating or restructuring your Exchange environment and ensures minimal impact on users while also requiring fewer resources. By synchronizing Active Directory and Exchange data, as well as including public folders, calendar information and mailbox data, Migration Manager delivers true coexistence for your Exchange migration project. It also automatically updates your user's Outlook profiles, secures their data and prevents errors before they happen.

Migration Wiz
For organizations migrating to or from any hosted platform, including Office 365, MigrationWiz is usually the fastest and easiest way to migrate your mailboxes, public folders, documents, archives, and PSTs. Unlike Migration Manager, MigrationWiz is a fully hosted solution with a deployment time measured in hours instead of days.

For organizations that use MigrationWiz to migrate to Office 365, we additionally DeploymentPro as a fast and easy solution that automatically configures and onboards your existing Outlook client to Office 365. DeploymentPros automated wizard runs quietly in the background, and users experience zero downtime during the entire onboarding process.

Office 365 Migration Consulting

Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use every day. As Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere_PC, Mac, and tablets and they are always up to date. Same goes for updates to features you get them automatically.

These are all great features: Dalco uses Office 365 ourselves and are very happy with it, but how do you get there? Migrating to Office 365 can be frighteningly complex but with our assistance and guidance, it is possible to make the move there a smooth and seamless transition for your users. Additionally, we are often able to perform a migration to Office 365 for less than an on-premise migration by leveraging Microsoft partner funds.

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Office 365 ADFS & Exchange Hybrid Deployment

If you need to stage your Office 365 migration over a period of time, or wish to keep some mailboxes on-premise while others go to the cloud, then a hybrid deployment is the best approach. Once your hybrid deployment is complete, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) supplies a Single Sign On (SSO) experience to all your users, regardless of where they are, and you are easily able to move mailboxes to the cloud and back using native Exchange mailbox moves. The following high level steps are performed when building a hybrid solution:

  • Perform an Active Directory and Exchange health check
  •   We will validate that the on-premise Exchange environment is at least Exchange 2010. If it is an earlier version of Exchange, a transition must be performed prior to proceeding.
  • Prepare Active Directory and Exchange
  • Configure and deploy both ADFS & Microsoft DirSync
  • Configure both Exchange and Office 365 for a hybrid deployment
  • Test Single Sign On and Native Mailbox Moves
  • Migrate identified mailboxes to Exchange Online

Migration Wiz

Complete Office 365 Migration with MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro

If you are interested in completely decommissioning most or all of your on-premise infrastructure, a complete migration to Office 365 using MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro is most likely the best solution. In this scenario, the following high level steps are performed:

  • Prepare Office 365 to meet your organization needs
  • Synchronize all your users from your on-premise directory
  • Migrate all mailboxes, public folders, documents, and email archives to Office 365
  • Roll out DeploymentPro for automated Outlook configuration
  • If desired, assist in deploying Office 365 software to user workstations
  • If desired, assist in decommissioning your on-premise infrastructure